Judi Farrell, owner of Merchant City Yoga


What started as a class taken once a week in the local sports centre has become a passion and a way of life.

After starting a new job and enduring six months of sleepless nights, Judi was dragged along to her first yoga class by her Mum – an act of desperation on her part. In a very short time her weekly yoga class worked its magic, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. And provide some much needed sleep too. Further workshops inspired Judi to seek to deepen her practice and understanding of yoga by enrolling in the Yoga Scotland Foundation Course. Gradually yoga became more than just something to be done in a weekly class. On completion of the course Judi was so eager to continue her yoga journey she enrolled on the CYS Yoga Teacher Training programme. It was here Judi’s enthusiasm for Ashtanga yoga was ignited – the flow of breath and movement, the discipline of a challenging sequence and the respect and humility that comes from practicing in an ancient tradition.

Judi owns and runs MCY and is a Senior Teacher on the CYS Teacher Training Programme. She has been practicing yoga since 1998 and spent three months of practice and study at the KPJYRI in Mysore, India in 2012.

Yoga Teacher at MCY


Rose Ann has been practicing Ashtanga yoga since 2005 and over the years it’s taken her to London, Thailand, Goa and the home of Ashtanga, Mysore in Southern India. She’s studied with SHARATH, grandson of the famous Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, both in London and in Mysore as well as studying with a number of well known authorised and certified teachers including John Scott, David Keil, Petri Raisanen, Paul Dallaghan & Kino McGregor. She’s also studied pranayama with O.P. Tiwari and Ayurveda with Diana Kras, a consultant with Maharishi Ayurveda and an approved trainer for College of Ayurveda (UK).

Rose Ann is dedicated to teaching traditional Ashtanga yoga and loves sharing her knowledge and experience. Her classes offer an approachable teaching setting with the emphasis on enjoying yoga while never losing the traditional teachings passed down from teacher to student.


Nicola teaches at MCY Glasgow


Nicola has been practicing yoga for many years and hasn’t looked back since attending her first Ashtanga yoga class with June Mitchell in the old Peckhams Building in 2005. As she became more committed to a life of yoga she went on to complete her teacher training with June Mitchell and Julie Hanson at CYS Yoga Teacher Training in 2009.

She’s been teaching regularly near her home in Stirling since then and we’re delighted that she’s now joining us in the big city!

Nicola blends her knowledge and experience of the Ashtanga practice with seasonal aspects to create a flowing yoga style suitable for all.  Having overcome her own health issues, Nicola knows regular yoga practice heals the body and the mind and can aid recovery, physical and emotional, from the curve balls life throws at us.

Her mantra? Stretch, breathe & relax!

Katie Boyle Yoga Teacher at Merchant City Yoga


Forrest Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher, Glasgow, Scotland

‘Do not wish to be anything but that which you are, and try to be that perfectly’

Katie is a Level 3 Forrest Yoga teacher, iRest Yoga Nidra teacher and Yin Yoga teacher having trained with world renowned teachers Ana Forrest and Bernie Clarke. She discovered yoga in 2007 while living in Spain, and it truly changed her life. Giving her a way of managing anxiety, building confidence and rediscovering her sparkle! It also helped her stay strong and supple during many years of sitting at a desk all day.

Having learned to open and strengthen her own body through yoga, as well as increase her confidence and manage anxiety, Katie loves helping her students experience the magic and peace of mind that yoga and meditation can bring. Through strong, safe sequencing of poses, guided breath work and skilful hands on assists, Katie’s aim is to help you feel deeply and connect with your own sparkling energy!

Katie completed the Foundation Forrest Yoga teacher training with Ana Forrest in 2013 and the Advanced Forrest Yoga teacher training in 2016; the Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra training with James Reeves in 2014; and Yin Yoga teacher training with Bernie Clarke in 2017.

She continues to assist and study with Ana Forrest and other senior Forrest Yoga teachers (the Guardians) including Jambo Truong, Cat Allen, Heidi Sormaz and Sandra Robinson. Katie is part of Ana Forrest’s assisting team, and since 2016 has assisted at several Forrest Yoga workshops and teacher trainings in Europe and the USA.

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Ana Costa Teacher at Merchant City Yoga


The reason Ana first came to yoga is one many share. To get into shape without going to the gym! Through attending classes with inspiring and motivational teachers, she found her interest deepening.

Ana wanted to know and understand more so after five years of Vinyasa Flow practice, she completed the CYS Glasgow Yoga Teacher training programme here at MCY. 

Ana has been practicing yoga since 2010. She has a special interest in health and wellbeing and the inner workings of the heart – she’s currently working towards obtaining her PhD degree in Cardiac research! Ana holds a master’s degree in Exercise Science (University of Glasgow, 2013) and a BSc in Physiology (University of Glasgow, 2012).


Fiona Clarke Teacher at Merchant City Yoga


After years of lifting free weights and Pilates, Fiona stumbled across Ashtanga Yoga and knew right away that she’d found something that really made sense to her. The focus on breathing and moving with the breath really helped her in overcoming many of her own struggles including anxiety.

Fiona wanted to share her experience of yoga as a whole-life practice. She completed the CYS Glasgow Yoga Teacher training programme here at MCY and continues to train in yoga at every opportunity.

As a yoga teacher there’s nothing Fiona loves more than seeing the benefits yoga can bring to people, regardless of their ability, age and circumstances.


susan adam is a yoga teacher at merchant city yoga


Susan began her love affair with Ashtanga yoga at home with Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga Primary Series video in 1993!

This home study ignited a love and passion for Ashtanga principles. Three years later she found a teacher at a local studio to guide her into a strong yoga practice and has been dedicated to the practice of Ashtanga yoga ever since.

Susan inspires her practice through travelling in the US, Europe and India and with wonderful Ashtanga teachers including David Keil, John Scott, Petri Reisanen, Phillipa Asher, Peg Mulqueen, Taylor Hunt.

She continues to learn and be inspired by her teachers Judi & Rose Ann here at Merchant City Yoga – she’s a regular fixture practicing in the Mysore room and attending workshops with our amazing visiting teachers – firmly believing in forever being a student with always more to learn.

Susan says:
“I believe movement with the breath is the key to a beneficial practice and I love to add an element of fun with an enlivening spirit to my teaching!”


Patricia Galavis Yoga Teacher at Merchant City Yoga


Patricia was introduced to yoga in 2008 when she began practicing Hatha Sivananda yoga at the Sivananda Yoga School in Madrid, Spain. Asanas, meditation, pranayama and kirtan quickly became a part of her practice.

After moving to Scotland in 2012, Patricia practiced other styles of hatha yoga for a few years. Then in 2014, she took her first ever Ashtanga yoga class here at MCY! She immediately loved it and has been practicing Ashtanga yoga ever since, completing the CYS Glasgow Yoga Teacher training programme in 2017.

The feeling of wellbeing and spiritual growth she has experienced throughout her yoga journey is something she passionately wants to share with others.