Movie Premier at MCY

Our promotional video with our Men of MCY is ready – I’m really excited and can’t wait to let you all see it! If you’ve not heard me enthusing about it, where have you been???

I wanted to create something a little bit different, something you don’t see on every yoga studio website. I wanted it to be for and about all of you – real people doing real yoga.

The Men of MCY started life as me kidding around saying we should do a calendar featuring all the blokes who come to the studio – most definitely a JOKE!

And then the idea grew legs…

Our blokes agreed to give up their Sunday to be filmed. Graham (one of our blokes!), who runs his own film company Studio27 with his wife Fiona, offered to do the filming and the editing. Sharon, who’s company Caddie & Co is responsible for my website and marketing, joined the team to get the best out of the guys as they were chatting and to keep the whole look and feel of it real.

And before I knew it we weren’t kidding any more. We were out in Merchant City filming. The guys were talking from the heart and demonstrating postures in the middle of the street.

Version 3

Street yoga in Merchant City

Street yoga in Merchant City

Talking yoga in Merchant City

Graham and Fiona had the unenviable task of editing down more than eight hours of footage – there was so much good stuff to choose from.

And the end result? AMAZING.

The real stars are our Men of MCY, I couldn’t have asked for more and I’m blown away every time I watch it.

We’re premiering the video Men of MCY at the studio 2.30pm Sunday 15 November and would love to see you there. Let us know you’re coming, just so we can be sure we have enough celebratory fizz and nibbles to go around!

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