More Morning Mysore Ashtanga Classes!

It’s a certain kind of person you’ll find in an Ashtanga Mysore style class – they have integrity; they’re confident, grounded & determined; they have fun and are up for a good laugh.

In fact, they’re just like you!

So when you asked for an extended Morning Mysore programme we heard you and from Tuesday 7 June 2016 we’re adding classes with Roseann Tuesday and Thursday morning 6-8am.

When I asked Roseann “Why Morning Mysore?”, she replied “It’s much easier to get up for yoga than for work! There’s a lovely sense of being in it together, practicing with a small group of people who are all up before everyone else.

Roseann - Mysore ClassWe know it can be a bit of a struggle though when that early alarm goes off, so here’s our six top tips for getting up and out for class:

1) Be super organised!

Lay out all your clothes the night before and pack your bag. Have your keys laid out, the kettle filled and your tea or coffee mug ready so you can just go;

2) Get enough sleep

You know better than anyone else how much sleep you need so figure out what time you need to wake up at and then calculate what time you need be in your bed;

3) Set your alarm

Maybe even set two – just in case! Roll out of bed into the shower, grab your cuppa and you’re good to go…

4) Get clean

Shower in the morning before class – it helps to waken you up and get you going as well meaning you’re clean when you sweat!

5) Eat enough

But try not to eat too late the night before. We know this is easier said than done, so don’t be tempted to skip meals altogether – experiment with eating lighter if you have to eat late;

6) Do What You Can

We know life is busy and full of commitments. And it’s really hard getting up so early! We’re helping you to build a lifelong practice – it’s a marathon not a sprint – so be realistic about what you can manage, don’t beat yourself up for what you didn’t do yesterday and most importantly just keep showing up.

We know you love your Ashtanga and here at MCY we love it too – we love it because it works, pure and simple. It’s real traditional yoga which comes from a clear lineage of teachers. As teachers we’re committed to our own practice and continued learning as well sharing this brilliant yoga with every one of you guys.

See you on the mat!

Morning Mysore Ashtanga Classes

Every Tuesday to Friday 6 – 8am

Every Saturday 11am – 1pm

(Note: the classes on a Tuesday & Thursday start 7 June 2016)

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