Don’t just take our word for what we think about yoga. We are a bit biased after all. Without you, where would we be. Sounds rather profound but it’s true. Our business survives on you coming back for more. And feeling better about life, health, wellbeing and well…just stuff in general. Some of our students tell you why…


I absolutely loved the intro course Judi was an excellent teacher and so welcoming helpful and taught the course really well… couldn’t ask for more.”
Lynn, Knightswood

The Introduction to Ashtanga is a great place to start, it makes this form of yoga, that people are apprehensive about, manageable. I’d say how insightful the first session on philosophy is, and that the optional homework is great if you really want to develop your practice.
Steph, Hyndland

Do this! Your practice will improve, you’ll learn more than you can imagine in 6 weeks, build a strong foundation for daily practice, meet lovely people and have fun.
Cat, Greenock

I started REALLY doing yoga when I was a distance runner at university (some kind of daily practice), I couldn’t sit in lectures for more than 30 mins without having shooting sciatic pain down my legs because my hamstrings were so tight! Nowadays, I can indeed touch my toes, but the practice is much more about mental well being than physical.
Emma, Edinburgh

It stops my internal chatter, reminds me what’s ‘real’ in life and makes me smile from the inside out.
Angela, Glasgow

I went to a yoga class cos my pal was going and said it was good, and I had long since stopped enjoying the fitness classes I usually went to. So off I trotted sheep-like, and found myself going back every week (long after my pal stopped!) Then some years later I trained as a teacher, which as all teachers know is just the first rung on a lifelong ladder! Why do I do yoga? I can’t really see how I would live my life if I didn’t. It teaches me to pause for thought, to breath, to accept change. And I have made some terrific friends along the way!
Fiona, Perthshire

All my life I thought I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to do it because it was only for special, middle class hippy people (what a laugh) I came along only because Ray had taken it up and my Pilates teacher had gone to live in Manchester. Loved it from the first lesson with you Judi.
Fiona, Kilmacolm

A friend was going and even though she cancelled last minute, I still went. I had chronic lower back pain and insomnia; there was an almost instantaneous benefit from that very first class, enough to make me go back almost every week.
Fiona, Glasgow

Went to my first class at Bellahouston sports centre with a friend who wanted to get back to yoga and exercise after a stressful year. I went along to keep her company & kept it up after she stopped. I can’t imagine not practising! It keeps me grounded and focused and it’s just the best way to start my day. Oh and not to forget I’ve made lots of lovely new friends over the years that I’ve met a classes and workshops.
Ali, Glasgow

I do yoga because it helps me de-stress, releases the tight anxious feeling I get in my chest, and regulates my sleep cycle. Also stops my back and neck from feeling a bit knotted.
Lesley Anne, Glasgow

As a Mr. Bean-esque figure being introduced to Ashtanga Yoga, Judi has been invaluable as a supportive one to one coach. Quickly assessing my requirements, expectations, fitness levels and personal style Judi has proved to be an inspirational support, in turn helping me to quickly overcoming the classic Alpha male instinct of ‘yoga’s not for me’. From both a physical flexibility and a stress management perspective I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Judi, and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone interested in exploring the fascinating world of yoga.
John, Glasgow


Whenever I feel stressed in life or unhappy yoga has always made me feel amazing after class and I feel happy not to mention the comments I get for not looking my age (approaching 40).
Promilla, Glasgow