As well as creating and nurturing a community here at MCY, we want to take our place within our local community and make a positive contribution there too.

Every year we run a number of fundraising events in support of two local charities, Yogability and Fareshare Glasgow.

Yogability provides free yoga classes to children and adults with special needs as well as their carers and their families in Glasgow.

Read more about Yogability.

FareShare Glasgow & The West of Scotland redistributes quality surplus food to groups working with vulnerable people in and around Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

Want to know more about FareShare? Click here.

We’re also looking at ways of taking the healing power of asanas and meditation beyond the studio walls and offering yoga to those groups in our community facing trauma and adversity. Often those people don’t have access to yoga and yet they might benefit the most. Yoga in the community is totally inclusive and we’d love to help those who don’t have access to our yoga studio have access to these yoga practices.

studio photo of an event in the studio
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