At MCY we’re passionate about yoga and committed to creating a thriving yoga community to inspire, support and connect.

We believe Yoga is for everyone and we’re dedicated to supporting real people in their search for change, personal growth, health, wellbeing and fulfilment.


We’re a truly Glasgow yoga studio. We take our yoga seriously, but still have a laugh about it too. Sometimes it’s just funny. We have a practical no nonsense approach to yoga. We do it because it works.

We started in the iconic Peckhams Building in Merchant City where there’s been yoga happening since 2000. Merchant City Yoga came into being in 2010 and Judi took over the helm in 2012 after leaving a job she loved and travelling the world for a year (a mid life crisis meets gap year 20 years too late).

You’ll now find us in Glasgow’s 9th oldest building, The Jacobean Corsetry Building, yes, you did read that right, on Virginia Street.

We can’t promise you’ll lose weight fast or find enlightenment any time soon. We won’t make you give up all the things in life you love to eat and drink. Or wear any tight, expensive and unflattering work out gear.

We can promise yoga. Classes for everyone no matter how stiff or bendy you may be. Dedicated teachers helping people just like you to make changes, reach your goals (whatever they might be) and maybe even achieve some things you never thought possible.

And we don’t think it’s enough to have friends on Facebook. We love genuine human interaction. We want to have real relationships in the real world. Those are the ones that make us feel satisfied, happy, content. That’s why we’re creating and nurturing a real in-person community here at MCY.

Here’s what is ridiculously important to us (that’s our Core Values):

  • Providing the highest quality yoga teaching available
  • Satisfying and delighting our clients
  • Supporting teachers’ happiness and excellence
  • Caring about our community and our environment
  • Hosting national and international teachers in Glasgow to promote and improve the standard of teaching available
  • Promoting health and happiness through education and sharing of information and teachings
  • Support the training of new teachers at the highest quality in line with the classical teachings of yoga

Here’s our pledge and promise to you (our Quality Standards):

  • Our teachers are all carefully chosen for their experience and their commitment to practice
  • We teach yoga because we believe it can help everyone live healthier, happier lives. It supports the lives we live today, tomorrow and every day.
  • We are passionate about great teaching and about sharing it with others
  • We give individual attention and personalised instruction
  • We as teachers are committed to ongoing learning and training as well as maintaining a regular personal yoga practice
  • We seek out the best teachers locally, nationally and internationally
  • We provide yoga classes that support health, happiness and wellbeing
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